Full Time

About the Organization: One Tent Health is a young, nationally recognized and innovative, Washington, DC-based nonprofit that is on a mission to save and extend lives, and decrease the stress of underserved people, through increasing access to HIV services, COVID-19 testing, voter registration, and any other ways we can help!     


What We’re Looking for in a Nutshell

  • A kind-savage to captain our ship. We were founded in 2015 by two then-Georgetown students who saw lower-income, underserved people in SE and NE Washington, DC get turned away from free HIV screening because they didn’t have insurance. Soon after, we started working on One Tent Health to solve the problem and serve everybody in need, regardless of insurance status. Fast forward, seven years since the start, and it’s now time for our Co-Founder & CEO to take his next step forward, and so we are searching for a bright, kind, high-energy, and hyper-detail focused, budding leader to keep afloat and steer the ship we’ve had the honor and pleasure to build.


What’s Exciting About Us?

  • Everyone on the Team is in their 20’s
  • Researchers at Harvard Medical Schoolfound that our HIV positivity rate is greater than 4x the DC average of traditional methods
  • Likely the most cost-effective, non-clinical HIV screening program in the United States
  • 11,000+ COVID tests since December 2020
  • Volunteer corps growth from 12 to 3,000+ in less than five years
  • Expecting to identify one new case of HIV each weekend starting in the Fall of 2022
  • Covered by WeWork, VICE, JAMA, The Washingtonian, POZ, and TheBody
  • We do what we want, and what we want is to help people



  • Lead, maintain, and expand all areas and aspects of One Tent Health’s business and services.
  • Lead and work together with a team of over 3,000 undergraduate volunteers, 20 regularly dedicated (~10 hours/week) student leaders, and 1 to 3 other full-time teammates.
  • Work collaboratively with others to make and reach final decisions that advance the mission.
  • Lead areas of the business such as revenue generation, maintenance, and growth, service expansion (both types and quantities thereof), accounting, social media

marketing, Board updates and maintenance, bill paying, payroll, partnership creation, and media relations.   

  • Manage community, funder, and government relations.

We Want Someone Who Has Each of These in Large Quantities 

  • Honesty
  • Tenacity
  • Kind-Heartedness
  • Attention to Detail – Errorless work
  • Drive to Do What’s Best for the People We Serve
  • High-Octane Energy
  • A Desire and Ability to Improve
  • 5+ Years of Professional Experience


Salary & Benefits  

  • $90,000 with expected year over year growth
  • Health insurance
  • Unlimited vacation days (Freedom = Happiness)


Personal, Emotional, & Career Growth + Benefits

  • You’ll have the freedom to create new solutions that allow us to help the World.
  • You’ll help lead an organization and its programs that save lives and creates groundbreaking programs for the Good.
  • Your empathy, humility, and compassion will increase.
  • You’ll become a better worker and sharper thinker. You’ll produce tighter work product and learn how to organize and lead people well.
  • You’ll be set up to get close to any job you want, or to get into any academic program in the country.
  • High Level: We’re a proven rocket ship, and it’s very likely that you’ll get to do way cooler, more fulfilling work at One Tent than you might anywhere else!


How The Process Will Go

  • Quickly and Smoothly
  • Our goal timeline is to close the rolling applications on July 17th, 2022. Make an offer, and for you to begin working at One Tent Health by early September, next to our current CEO (as the Vice President of Operations) to get your hands dirty and feet wet, while learning the ropes and inner-workings of the organization, and then, within one or two months, our current CEO plans to roll off and hand you the reins. It will be intense, and a lot of learning, but if you’re up for it, it’s a mind-blowing opportunity and experience.


How to Apply

  • Please complete and submit this application, by 11:59pm on Sunday night, July 17th!
  • If you have any questions, please email both Daniel Zhang and Mackenzie Copley together at and
  • Thank you so much!