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Founded by local students who saw a problem, and now powered by over 2,000 of us serving our nation’s capital.

What We Do?

From 10’x10′ canvas tents, all at the same events, we provide free:

Rapid HIV Screening

COVID-19 PCR Testing

PrEP Pills On-the-Spot

Voter Registration

Narcan Kits and Education


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Our mission

Our mission is to save and extend lives. 

We minimize the stress and complexity of the path from unknown HIV status to managed care for all people by using a community-centered, low-cost approach.

It's simple

We bring what people need, to where they are.

We partner with local community hubs like grocery stores and laundromats in Washington, DC’s most HIV-burdened neighborhoods, then train thousands of passionate local volunteers to go out, set up low-cost canvas tents, and offer entirely free, 15-minute services to help people stay on top of their health without needing to leave their neighborhood, make an appointment, or spend any money.



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Our partners

These great companies and organizations are helping us fight HIV and other problems in Washington, DC!


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